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Why Women Like Married Men?

Why Women Like Married Men - Married Men More Mature, Stable and Versatile

A group of scientists in London reported to have revealed the results to unlocking the mystery why women often attracted to a married man by saying women may be genetically programmed looking guy with a leather smell of their wives.

Professor of neurobiology at the University of Rochester, New York, Dr. Donald PFAFF explain, in studies conducted on female rats and female rats found that male rats easily pay more attention to male rats when sprayed with the smell of another female rats.

The test results concluded that men who bring the perspective of the smell of other women look more attractive than men 'clean'.

The scenario today, not some young women are willing to share the love and even take you a married man. Syndrome may appeal 'wedding ring syndrome "(a man with an engagement ring on the finger underwent more' hot 'than men toes blank) is the key to why a married man more interested in women than in men's singles.

The question is, how true is the notion that more young women than men pursue married man single?

Syarie a legal practitioner who is also former President of the Bar Council Syariah, Mohd Isa said in an interview column sleepy XX vs. XY said the issues of polygamy, women usually prefer a guarantee in life, including in terms of basic needs, security and social needs.

Jesus said, based on observation and reading show that women are looking for people who can protect themselves, to be positive, tolerant, not ego, responsible and understanding mate.

He said because of the psychological and emotive factors may be, it is possible husband who has a charm of its own that much sought-after girl who has never been married and divorced.

"In society today, financial issues are the main plant building comfortable life. Therefore, I can describe women who choose single men than married man look at their partner from the financial angle to assure a stable and comfortable life.

"If you look at the scenario even single men, often these individuals are new to venture into the world of work and some are in the process of building a strong career.

"Men marry thinking smart, clever woman solicits, being sentimental, romantic and gentle and generous in relationships, including buy gifts and materialistic needs of women," he said.

Jesus said, women are attracted to a married man can be categorized into two, that girls who have never married and women who have endured nature but divorced household (widow).

Clearly, the category concerned, the widows easily and tend to marry a married man or widower over the boy. It is the history of marriage to permit the appeal widow's husband than couples married.

He said that married men have amazing skills and a high charisma make them ideal single women than men clumsy, simple emotions, temper, catering to the whims and not know how to attract women.

"Each individual needs to the enjoyment and satisfaction in their lives. Therefore, it is not surprising if a married man looking for fun with the alluring young woman. In fact, it is an act of escapism escape from the monotony of pressure in the hierarchy of life.

"Men's singles are often not confident in the relationship causes women easily feel threatened and confused by his choice. Single men often create conflicts due to the nature of the relationship tempered, easy to find other alternatives as a means of escape from the conflict relationship and can not wait to defend the family institution is built.

"Based on the experience of handling cases syarie, easy to pronounce most of the young age of divorce than men. Ever, new cases but three months married, filing for fun in court as a result of small errors and petty fights, "he said.

In psychology, women prefer a romantic element pleas and causes they are attracted to the male patient. Married men said to be rich in long-suffering, loving, not pleasure-loving and good at following solicits operating bureaucratic experience is wedded wife for many years.

In fact, married men have to understand the needs of women, be more relaxed and not greedy in the relationship. Trivial factor is then said to be able to buy life and love women. For men, testosterone (sex) always causes them to always want a pampered spoiled and love of a wife, despite being old.

Jesus firmly, individual ability both in terms of finance and can be allowed to get married just more than one. However, he said man you must understand the law of marriage which is divided into five, namely, mandatory, recommended, should, makruh and the haram.

"Surah An-Nisa verse three says: And if ye fear that ye can not do justice to (the rights) orphans (when you marry her), then marry such women (other) which you are comfortable either two, three or four. Then if you fear that you will not be fair (the ability of basic needs, turn and love), then (marry) only one, "he said.

To young women who want a relationship with a married man, remember that marriage is not easy surfing environment. Shouldered a heavy responsibility for women, but increased two-fold for the head of the family.

Not easy to become head of the family, what about if you have more wives than one. They not only have to be stable and strong economy, health and mental health, but also must have good faith and can guide his wife and their children.

Between male status but attracts a married man in the eyes of women

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