Selasa, Mac 01, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan Quotes

Walk on with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone"
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"It is not special to be special, it is special to be ordinary!"
(Shah Rukh Khan about Devdas)

"Home is where the heart is"
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"Awards who ignores me are losers."
(Shah Rukh Khan, August 2004)

"Don't call him God, he's just Shah Rukh!"
(Gauri Khan)

"I am the yearning that resides in a woman´s heart... that´s who I am"
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"Whatever you feel...just dance it!"
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"Humanity is the biggest religion"
(Shah Rrukh Khan)

"I believe, being Indian is hip!"
(Shah Rukh Khan to Daily Pioneer)

"We live once, die once and love only once"
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"You never win the silver, you only lose the gold."
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"I guess, I'm not much of a metro-sexual. I'm just sexual, that's it."
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"I'd die if people didn't recognize me.
I would not be able to walk on the road if people didn't mob me.
That's what I work for."
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"The dream I chased, took me on a journey.
A journey more rewarding then the goals, the achievements.
When I look back it's like facing a million mirrors.
Each reflection opens a window.
A window to the world I've just discovered......
The world I want to share with all of you"
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"If I hadn't met Gauri and Kajol hadn't met Ajay,
then who knows what would have happened"
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"I want to make people intellectually aware of the eastern side of the world - I dance on top of a train."
(Shah Rukh Khan on CNN)

"If my wife is not with me, I can't go up to a buffet table and fill my plate, I feel too shy to do that."
(Shah Rukh Khan)

"I want to make toilets for ladies all over the place so they don't have to stand on the roadside ....
It hurts me to see women on the roads searching for a place to go and clean up or wash up or whatever.
And these are personal dreams."
(Shah Rukh Khan on CNN)

"I am touched with the love and affection German fans have shown me and I promise to come back to Germany soon and you know I stand by my word ."
(Shah Rukh Khan, Temptation 2004 - Dortmund, Germany)

"Thank you for giving me so much love, that I don´t miss my parents anymore"
(Shah Rukh Khan, IIFA Awards Amsterdam)

"I thank God for happiness AND sadness... if you're never sad you'll never know how good happiness is!"
(Shah Rukh Khan)