Isnin, Mac 07, 2011

Movie Quotes - Billu

Movie: Billu
Actors: Shah Rukh Khan (Sahir Khan), Irrfan Khan (Billu Vilas Pardesi)

Shah Rukh Khan (Sahir Khan): l have been told that l should give speech to childrens, lt's such a big word. Forgive me, respected principle, but l can't speak big things. But l would like say one thing to my little friends, childrens, your childhood are the beautiful and finest days of your life.

So, sitting there Chunny will say, that Sahir l've lost my teeth and l am feeling pain, here Bunty will say that teacher punished me today, some children would have a fear of exams, then these are not beautiful days.

Yes, l am believing you that these are the most beautiful days, because Bunty when you will grow up, and your shave will like this man, Chuny, when you will become a pilot and when you'll have tension to fly a plane then you all will die for these days, But then these days and these moments won't come back.

Today, your heart is true, lt's noble, lt's shining gold. Today, what relations you will make with your heart, what friends you will make. Friends like, Relations like, will never make in life. Today, to see you people, l lost in my childhood. You have nice clothes for wearing, good books for reading, nice food for eating, and may be to see me here you people don't believe, that in my childhood, l didn't have it all,

My childhood was so decent and poor, l wasn't Filmstar Sahir. l was just Sahir. My father was a poor man, we had nothing, but in everyone's childhood there is
someone, who left his deep effect on our little souls. He became a partner of our mischief and our troubles, he became our friend, he became our partner, l had a partner in my childhood. My support, My God's light, Billu!

Billu! My friend, l remember, during the break in school, children ate food from their tiffon, l put my hand to tap and l drunk just water, then to touch my shoulder, raising his tiffon to me, Billu!

My friend, My hair were long like girls, but to cut them l didn't have a penny in my pocket. To get an advantage of his father's absence on shop, my hair cutter, Billu!

My friend, When l was sad to missing my mom, then stealing money from his father's safe, he took me for movies, Billu!

My friend, When we returning our homes in evening, to gave me greed of peanuts, he made me perody of film characters. Those evenings, in the journey of those streets, Billu found out my inside actor, l didn't believe on myself, as much Billu was believing on me. One day. to sold his gold earings, he gave me Mumbai ticket, and kept the rest of money in my pocket, l hold his hand and asked him how l'll return this money, then he told you don't need to return them, Just any poor man, and remember me, that's enough.

Then l came to Mumbai, To see this running life, l became Filmstar Sahir Khan from Sahir, l went back to our village to find my friend, but he didn't meet me. Someone told me that he felt in love with some girl, and she was not from his community. Villagers were against him, So saving his life he ran away from the village.

l would like to tell you the truth. Today l have everything, Name, Fame, Wherever l go, millions of people came after me, calls my name. Every place surrounds from my name. But still today, in those millions of voices, l always search one voice...