Sabtu, Mac 05, 2011

Movie Quote - Baghban

Movie: Baghban
Actor: Amitabh Bachchan (Raj Malhotra), Hema Malini (Pooja Malhotra), Salman Khan (Alok Raj),

Salman Khan (Alok Raj): You must've often heard people saying that no one has seen God. That it's a matter of devotion,faith and one's belief. But l can tell you that l have seen God in flesh and blood, smiling and laughing... in every joy, in every sorrow, in every test and every situation. lt's none else... than my father.

l was an orphan. l had never seen my parents. Neither did l ever have their love. But l can tell you with confidence,|that had they been here today... they couldn't have given me so much of love and affection... as l got from my father. l have got so much from my father... that l can't ask him|for anything more. But of God l seek one thing in His world, he must continue to make people like my father That's it. l have nothing more to say. Please come here, father.

Amitabh Bachchan (Raj Malhotra): Ladies and gentlemen... l hope you won't believe all that you heard about me just now. Alok praises me so much only because he loves me very much. And he doesn't love me because l'm a very good human being... or because l have several virtues.|He loves me because... he himself is a very nice boy.

Actually, l am not a writer. Writers are those that plunge deep into the oceans of knowledge... and come up with rare gems of literature. l have only written what life has taught me.

'Baghban' is not about me or any other individual. lt's a book of the conflict arising between the days gone by... and the days to come. lt's a book about the broken relations between two generations. lt's a book about the drooping shoulders... on which some children had once sat to see the world. lt's a book about the trembling hands... that once had held the hands of their children, as they taught them to walk. lt's a book about the parched lips... that once sang lullabies. But which have now been silenced.

Times have changed. Life has changed. lf people of my generation will recall... we were always caught up ties and in relations that yielded nothing. Our father was God. At our mother's feet lay our heaven.

And now... now people have become very sensible. The new generation is very clever and practical. For them, every relation is like a ladder... on which they will step to rise further in life. But when they have no use for the ladder anymore... with the rest of the broken furniture in the house... 'old vessels, old clothes and newspapers...' they are dumped in the attic. However, life does not take you up like a ladder. Life grows like a tree. Parents are not the steps on a ladder. Parents are the soul of one's life. However big the tree is, however green and filled it is... it can't stand on its own, once its roots are hacked.

With all humility and respect, l ask today... the children for whose happiness... a father spends every penny of his hard earned money with a smile... those very children, when the father's eye-sight weakens... why do they hesitate in giving them light ?

lf a father can help his son to take the first step in his life... why can't the son... give his father support when he's taking the last few steps of his life?

What crime is it of the parents who have devoted all their lives... to their children, that they are given tears and loneliness? lf they can't give us any love... who gives them the right to snatch our love from us?

What do these children think? The parents God has united in love... can they separate and force them to lead a life of misery and despair?

ls it for a day like this that man seeks children? Children perhaps forget... what is our present today, will be their present tomorrow. lf we are old today, they will also grow old someday. The questions we ask today, they will ask tomorrow.

As for me... please don't worry about me. Because if l am capable of bringing up my children... helping them become able and independent... l am capable of taking care of myself too. l feel no need to expect anything from anyone. Because l am very fortunate. l am fortunate... because life has given me a companion... walking with whom has made my path easier. Walking with whom my hardshipswere always blown away
And that companion is my wife.

People often fall in love. However... they don't express it as often as they should.
l wouldn't want to make a mistake like that.

Pooja... l love you very much. Very much. Because you are, l am'. And there's everything if we are together. Else, there's nothing. Nothing.

That's all l had to say.

Amitabh Bachchan (Raj Malhotra): Those children, who don't love their parents... who don't give them shelter... who don't respect them... l'd never forgive them. l'd rather punish them. l'd disown them.

QUOTE 4: Between a mother and her selfish children.
Hema Malini (Pooja Malhotra): Yes, as a mother l may perhaps forgive you. But as a wife... l cannot forget the tears my husband has shed. And all of you are the ones who made them shed tears. l can't say anything about. But l have nothing to give you today. Not even forgiveness.