Jumaat, Jun 12, 2009

Amazing Voices of Andrew Johnston

It appears on the television about three children, Charice (talented young singer), 16, Tyler Weaver (karate boy), 12 and Andrew Johnston (choir boy), 13 years old. Andrew Johnston deals with the school bullies by keep singing.

Actually, I download this YouTube video for my beloved students, so it can inspire them. Because, I believe that this video showing something, that I think, I can feel, and understand. It is about talent we had. If we believe we have a talent, and even there are many flames on the road, and icebergs on the sea, blocked our way, we must prove that we do have the talent, and continue to keep fighting using that talent for goods.

This boy, Andrew Johnston keep fighting by continue to sing. He keeps singing since he believes that this is his talent. And that was perhaps, the most beautiful voice I ever heard. Even he got third in the Britain Got Talent 2008, but I believe that is only the first step. If he got talent, then he should be able to create chances.

To my beloved students, from the start, I believe in your talent. If you got talent, don't hide it. Don't waste it. Use it with every gut you have. You should bring it up with the strength you have. Even you're suck in English; don't stop talking about your talent. Don't stop thinking about your talent. There should be at least a way, that you can show your talent to prove your existence.

The most important thing is how you can use your talent to submit something good to everybody. And here, I would tell you, that our bowling session in this week will be canceled. I cannot take my flight tomorrow, since my car is located in a place that will be unavailable for me to open the gate. And I need to drive the car to drive to our home, so we can reunited again.

So, my students, make sure you did good thing in your computer classes, in your graphic classes, in your multimedia classes and in your mathematics classes and in every class that you should attend.

Until we meet again.

As the coordinator, I think I should do something to our computer labs. I love Vegas.

More about Andrew Johnston at: