Rabu, Mac 02, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan Quotes 2

“I don’t sit around complaining about the lack of good roles. I will play Raj 85 times and still make him different.”

“There are only two Khans. Ghenghis Khan and Shahrukh Khan”

“Maybe the country doesn’t pray for me like they do for Sachin Tendulkar, but I know I’m on a good wicket as well. ”

“I’d die if people didnt recognise me. I would not be able to walk on the road if people didnt mob me. That’s what I work for.”

“When I have the right to make you cry in a dark room for three hours, you have the right to ask me any question you want.”

“Sex is not required to sell my film. My name is enough.”

“The collar-bone is my favourite part of the human body.”

“Awards who ignores me are losers”

“You never win the silver, you only lose the gold”

“The dream I chased, took me on a journey. A journey more rewarding then the goals, the achievements. When I look back it’s like facing a million mirrors. Each reflection opens a window. A window to the world I’ve just discovered. The world I want to share with all of you ”

“Thank you for giving me so much love, that I don’t miss my parents anymore”

“You can love me or hate me but.. you can’t ignore me”

“I am very shy. If I am flying British Airways and the airhostess asks me two questions, and I don’t understand her accent – I will go hungry for the entire flight.”

Shah Rukh Khan